Multi-Subreddit targeting and Granular Subreddit Data

July 02, 2016

Multi-Subreddit targeting and Granular Subreddit Data


Reddit recently introduced Mult-Subreddit ads allowing advertisers to target one message to more than one subreddit at a time. While this new format allows for easier setup of ads that focus on topics relevant to up to 100 subreddits and gets the ad on the frontpage, it apparently won’t give the advertiser granular data on how each subreddit performs.

Reddit advertiser Kaleidoleaf asked about this yesterday and was given the following response by Reddit Ads staffer MyNameIzKhan:

This is on our roadmap, we don’t have a set date for it but we are working on it.
You will need to create campaigns that target only one subreddit to get that granular data for now.

– MyNameIzKhan

This takes some of the reasons to run a multi-subreddit ad away, but the multi-subreddit format is still very attractive for targeting a group of low-trafficked subreddits. For bigger one’s create one off ads so you can better optimize for them.

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