Multi-Subreddit Targeting

May 10, 2016

Multi-Subreddit Targeting


You can now target your ads to more than one subreddit with an advertising campaign. This has long been a desire for marketers on the Reddit platform.

To add more than one subreddit start by creating the creative for your ad. Once you’ve gotten the text, link, and images out of the way you’ll be taken to the next step where you can do targeting. Here you’ll see a radio button for your campaign to target reddit users by ‘interest’ groupings or subreddits.

reddit ads subreddit targeting

Select subreddits and you’ll now be able to add your desired targets in the box. You can add subreddit targets by either typing out the subreddit or clicking on one that is suggested for you.
Important Note: when typing a subreddit out don’t include the /r/ part of the subreddit and make sure to type enter afterwards to make sure the system adds your subreddit target.

There are some limitations. You can’t target more than 100 subreddits and you currently still can’t target a campaign to the Frontpage and to subreddits as well.

reddit subreddit targeting max

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