Reddit Will Soon Launch Conversion Tracking

March 31, 2017

Reddit Will Soon Launch Conversion Tracking


Tracking success with Reddit Ads is currently very difficult. We’ve discussed how to better track the success of Reddit Ads and correlate data from their ad system with traffic and metrics on a website. Now, that all seems to be changing.

Yesterday Reddit made a much awaited announcement of a brand new self-serve advertising system. In the comments section of their announcement a user asked if there were was a ‘Reddit cookie’ yet. Reddit Ads staffer Nwelitist replied that the new system didn’t have a tracking cookie yet, but that they were expecting to release one soon.

reddit ads tracking cookie comment

While you can track Reddit ads with UTM paramters and Thank You pages right now having a tracking cookie that reports back to the Reddit Ads system would be very beneficial to both the advertisers, to Reddit, and to Reddit’s users. This will unlock the ability for Reddit Ads to sell ads on a cost-per-conversion basis giving advertisers better control over where their ads are appearing and creating a better experience for Reddit users who might otherwise get annoyed by the same ad campaign over and over in the subreddit’s they visit.

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