Reddit Ads May Soon Allow Better Targeting For Female-Centric Subjects

August 21, 2019

Reddit Ads May Soon Allow Better Targeting For Female-Centric Subjects


Reddit user /u/mulcahy43 posted to the Reddit Ads subreddit asking why they couldn’t target /r/Feminism and calling the Reddit staff bigots. Currently Reddit only allows targeting of subreddits the admins have selected. Some believe this means only really large subreddits can be targeted, but that’s not true as small subreddits such as /r/FCDallas can be targeted with ads. That subreddit had 1,000 subscribers when it was added to the Reddit Ads targeting que (the number of subscribers listed here is static and not pulled live of updated frequently). Today /r/FCDallas has approximately 3,402 subscribers.

fc dallas subreddit subscriber count in reddit ads

The subreddit in question in this thread was /r/Feminism which had 147,712 subscribers when checked for this post. That means either Reddit Ads targeting criteria doesn’t require a threshold of subscribers or consider the count at all or /r/Feminism was excluded for other reasons.

Reddit Ads staffer /u/snoopyy66 replied and said “This is a great feedback, and we are working on it. Will update you when I have more info around this request, please stay tuned.”

This was a vague statement and could mean either Reddit Ads will soon allow targeting of /r/Feminism subreddit or that Reddit is working to allow all subreddit’s to be targeted with advertising.

Read the post and discussion on /r/redditads here:

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