Advertisers Will Get More Clarification When Ads Are Rejected

June 26, 2016

Advertisers Will Get More Clarification When Ads Are Rejected


Redditor OhByInc tried setting up a few ads and both were rejected by Reddit, but the reason wasn’t very clear and they asked for more information in the subreddit.

Created two self serve ads last night – 4ox84g and 4ox2ox.
I was using the business credit card, not my personal card, so I put in the business name for the “name” field, which BTW WORKS PERFECTLY AND IS NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER.

SO now the two ads suddenly get rejected:

“Optional note about rejection (for special cases): Please fill out name in the payment information

– OhByInc

This particular ad rejection was for an issue with the credit card name field.Having your ad rejected for any reason can be a harrowing experience, so it’s understandable that OhByInc was upset. Reddit staff member HappySharkz responded to the post not only agreeing to help out OhByInc by correcting the issue and getting the ads approved but also stated that Reddit would work on providing more information when rejecting ads in the future.

Hi OhByInc,

We appreciate your feedback! We will adjust our rejection reason to ensure that advertisers have a clear understanding of what they can do to fix their ads.

– HappySharkz

It’s great to see Reddit committed to improving the advertiser experience and fixing these issues that advertisers are having. If you’ve had your Reddit ads rejected we would recommend posting in the /r/selfserve subreddit and asking for help getting your ad approved or emailing them at

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