The Reddit Ads Pixel Now Supports First-Party Cookies

January 14, 2020

The Reddit Ads Pixel Now Supports First-Party Cookies


Reddit Ads staffer /u/h0neybe8r made a post in the /r/RedditAds sub yesterday titled “The Reddit Pixel gets some exciting updates today”

While the title makes it sound like there is more than one update, the post itself seems to hone in on one major change, that is that the Reddit Ads pixel now supports first-party cookies not just third-party cookies. This is a big win for Reddit advertisers as browsers like FireFox have taken it upon themselves to start blocking third-party cookies automatically in a growing privacy arms race.

Here’s that part of the announcement:
“Reddit Pixel now supports first-party cookies, in addition to third-party cookies. This means increased accuracy in conversion tracking across all browsers (specifically Safari and Firefox) and Reddit mobile apps (specifically Android).”

Post on /r/RedditAds about the first-party cookie update for the Reddit Ads Pixel. January 13th, 2020.

The most important part about this is that if you were using the Reddit Ads pixel to track conversions you were likely not seeing data from Safari or FireFox users. Starting yesterday that changed and you may see an increase in conversions attributed to your Reddit Ads without having done anything. (It was announced today that Google Chrome will begin ‘phasing out’ or blocking third-party tracking cookies too).

This is a great improvement by the Reddit Ads team and to me shows how committed they are to offering an excellent self-serve advertising product for digital marketers. For best attribution, however, you may still want to create a Reddit specific landing page / sales funnel / or lead generation form to ensure you best understand how Reddit Ads is impacting your sales or lead gen.

forum discussion on /r/RedditAds

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