Reddit Ads UI Update and Feature Upgrades March 2017

March 30, 2017

Reddit Ads UI Update and Feature Upgrades March 2017


Reddit Ads, the self-serve system for advertisers on Reddit has launched a brand new UI and newly-built advertising system.

The ads themselves are the same, but marketers now have access to some much needed new features, better reporting, and a more aesthetically pleasing user interface.

Here are the main changes to the Reddit Ads:

  • Post-pay Billing – Reddit advertisers are no longer required to pre-pay for ads and will be charged after ads run. This is great news as it means advertisers no longer need to deal with the messy and often slow process of getting a refund for unused advertising spend.
  • Better Reporting – Reddit Ads will now allow you set the date ranges for your reporting, has better looking charts, and will allow you to more easily track CTR, eCPM, and eCPC.
  • Multiple Creatives in One Campaign – Up until now Reddit Ads has required advertisers to create one creative per campaign. Now you’ll be able to create multiple different creatives per a single campaign, similar to the Google Ads campaign we recently covered.


Check it out.

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