Toyota – Extending TV Ads Case Study

July 10, 2016

Toyota – Extending TV Ads Case Study


For the last few weeks Toyota has been running a few ads via the Reddit Advertising system. The four ads they have been running share a few things in common; they all use a question as part of their ad title and they all include an embedded YouTube video of a recent Toyota Rav4 Hybrid commercial. Toyota’s team also engaged with users in the comments of each ad and doled out Reddit Gold as a reward for top comments, the title of 2 of the ads included a mention of the Reddit Gold giveaway.

This technique appears to be pretty unique as far as Reddit Ads go and earned Toyota thousands of comments across the 4 ads. We clearly don’t now how efficient or effective of a campaign this was in terms of ROI for Toyota, but it shows a nice blueprint for other brands and businesses trying to drum up engagement on the Reddit website via the ads system.

To try and detect how well a Reddit post or ad performs we use a metric we call Engagement Points. When we calculated the Engagement Points for the 4 Toyota ads we quickly discovered that ads that included the mention of Reddit Gold performed better with the improvement being between 100% and 165%.

toyota rav4 reddit ads engagement points

AD: Who would you take to Mars

  • Comments: 766
  • Top comment points: 528
  • Gold giveaway in title?: No
  • URL:

AD: What would you name a Mars Colony

  • Comments: 2,086
  • Top comment points: 519
  • Gold giveaway in title?: Yes
  • URL:

AD: Tell a lumberjack joke

  • Comments: 695
  • Top comment points: 286
  • Gold giveaway in title?: No
  • URL:

AD: Where would you go as a wolf

  • Comments: 1,235
  • Top comment points: 771
  • Gold giveaway in title?: Yes
  • URL:

This is the first large scale advertising campaign we’ve seen on Reddit by a major brand. We’ve reached out to Toyota to see if they’ll share more details about the campaign and will let you know if there are any updates.


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