John Wick 3 – Halle Berry’s Dogs Case Study

August 31, 2019

John Wick 3 – Halle Berry’s Dogs Case Study


John Wick 3 is finding success with a Reddit Ads campaign using a 3 year old tactic proven by Toyota in 2016, giving away Reddit Gold.

The ad appears designed more to build top of mind awareness for the DVD release expected on September 10th rather than to drive any direct action. The ad is fairly simple, it asks “When Halle Berry says, “jump,” you jump. Tell us what the dogs are thinking with a caption in the comments below. The best captions will be rewarded with Reddit Gold.”

Their ad has been live for nearly a full week now and has racked up 261 comments with only a 29% upvote rate. A 29% upvote rate would normally bury a post on Reddit, but in this case the ad plus the Reddit gold giveaway instead has driven engagement with the post.

Reddit Ads that allow comments have a direct URL, you can see this ad here:

john wick 3 reddit ad

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